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As we may all know, atWar's current world map is more than a decade old. With all the current developments within the game, it has been the only thing that has not been sufficiently updated enough. The world map is and will be, the most important aspect of the game. The meta and player base revolves around the world map, but as new updates are being rolled out, a newer map is definitely needed in order to not just bring more activity to the game and keep up with the pace of the development, but also to bring something new for all of us to enjoy.

Because of this, Dave has decided to launch the contest for the creation of a new, and possibly the replacement for the current world map. The current world map is more than a decade old and lacks many features, a new world map would create leeway for further development, and would definitely increase activity.

In order to enter this contest, you have to reply "in" in the replies, and submit your map before the deadline.
You may collaborate with multiple mapmakers, though your prize will be split.

Map Requirements:
  • Map must be free from copyright issues.
  • All presets on the current world map should be available in your map.(ie. EU+ and Asia)
  • Must be UN-recognized borders.
  • Must be suitable for current strategies.
  • Must be suitable for competitive games.
  • Must have 2 variants of cities without harming the balance. (extra and non-extra.)
  • Borders must be detailed.
  • The map must be high resolution

The winner(s)' prize pool:
  • 15000 Protocoins

(Credits: Estus)

Deadline: December 31, 2020 (to be extended if required)


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Земи премиум да ги скриеш рекламите
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30.10.2020 - 10:42
 Black Vortex (Модератор)
Great idea!
30.10.2020 - 11:05
Напишано од Zoe, 30.10.2020 at 10:19

Напишано од DeepFriedUnicorn, 30.10.2020 at 08:55

But map maker is still broken and glitching

It works fine, and even if the map breaks, there's still a chance it can be recovered just by asking Dave.

When was it fixed?
Fuck the Chinese Communist Party and Fuck The World Health Organisation

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